Email Copywriting - An Open Letter To Your Prospects
Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online.  You need to be able to write a subject line, a headline, and a body copy to get prospects to open the email, click through to your link, and buy your product.

The first thing you need to write is the headline.  The headline is the email "teaser" copy.  The goal is to get someone to at least open the email and to have them click through to your sales letter page.

In your headline you want to capture their attention in the first line. The purpose here is to move them from the "blank page" to your sales letter page.  The headline must be compelling.  You want to get past the first line of defense that keeps them from reading further.

The purpose of the headline is to get them to open the email and to make them want to click on your links to learn about your product.

You will want to keep your headline short, and make it as enticing as possible.  If you write the headline too long, it is very likely that they won't read through to the end.  If they get to the sales letter page and you don't give them a reason to take action, they will go back to their inbox, not the sales letter page.  If they go back to their inbox, they won't take action.  This is very important. This is what you need to focus on.

If you use the power of personalization, as an example we'll use the same headline, but this time I've personalized it for you. This is what is needs to do to move the prospects through the sales cycle and move them towards a sale.

The subject line needs to be something about your product and not a question.  The question is a problem of amplification.  When we do these sales letter copywriting tests, we find that subjects like 'What Are Your Solutions?' or 'Where Are You Now?' get the most opens.  When I'm doing my own email marketing, I always use what I like to call the "power word." I use it when I'm having trouble getting a prospect to open up my email and I'm almost afraid to click on it.  If I use more than one power word in the subject line, the click through rates tend to suffer, but if you do a subject with a power word, you should see an increase of clicks throughs.  

The body copy is the email copy that is going to get those clicks throughs.   The body copy needs to be personal. I have an open email with an open letter to my friend. It's very personal and I'm almost always successful using that.

I'm not trying to tell you that you shouldn't have a long copy. I'm simply trying to tell you to be careful with the copy. Be personal. Be honest with the copy. If you can be honest, you will get more clicks throughs.