Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Common Questions

What are credits and how do they work?

Credits are the currency of Creaite. One credit equals one article. So to create one article it will cost one credit.

Do credit expire and if so how long before they do?

Credits from one time purchases do not expire. Monthly credits will expire 60 days after they are credited.

Why do the credits expire?

To encourage usage of the application and also as a safeguard to protect other users. Creaite is a very demanding system to run and as such we only have a limited capacity, a single user saving their credits for months on end then using them all at once could impact other users experience.

Could you explain OTO 1: Creaite Agency 50+?

Creaite is a credit-based system, so here you will be able to lock in your monthly credits for $1 at the launch discount. The 100 additional credits aren't applied to your account until after the trial period and the first subscription payment is paid.

PLUS, you’ll also be able to unlock ALL the niches we have available right NOW (which is over 70), plus ALL the niches we’ll be adding in the future, which will be in the HUNDREDS!

I don't see my niche, how do I request a niche or sub niche to be added to Creaite?

Please contact support and let them know your request. Please note that we cannot accommodate all requests... Creaite needs an enormous amount of data, computing power and time to train the AI on a specific niche and in some cases we just can't get enough data for this process.

My articles aren't coming out very good, how can I improve the quality of my articles?

Creaite is a real AI and the quality of the articles it creates is dependant on the prompt it is given to start writing from. We have a comprehensive guide on writing effective prompts to help with this matter.

I ordered upgrades but don't see them in my account

Upgrades are automatically applied to your account based on the payment email address used, you see details about your current user level and addons on the profile page. If you purchased an upgrade with a different address then please contact support so we can manually apply it to your account.